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About Eagle View Estates

Waterfront and Water View lots with protective Covenants  are ready for your custom home. All the infrastructure is in place and utilities are ready to serve.

There are approximately 645 feet of Lake front lots overlooking Wilson Lake. Every lot has a lake view. The acreage is a beautifully wooded parcel with spectacular views, waterfront living and a serenity that has to be experienced to be believed. For more, email or call today.

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Eagle View Estates

Eagle View Estates Information Request

Q: What is this  “Reservation” process all about?

A: There is some research generally done by individuals who are building their own home.

Architects to interview, builders to select, landscapers, etc. The Reservation Process allows prospective Owners to do a great deal of their “Homework” before actually closing on their selected lot  without experiencing price increases that are typical in developments such as this.

Q: How often do Prices Change?

A: There are certain triggers in the developments pricing structure that will net the

developer and investors a Blended Average Price Point per square foot. These

triggers are kept private so as to not create a pressure situation in sales. We want all

the Owners of homes in the development to acquire their lot when the time is right for them.

Needless to say the earlier sales will be below the (BAPP) and the last sales will be above,

however even at top price point these Lake Front & Lake View lots are well within the current market values.

Q: If I reserve a lot under the current prices, can I sell for a profit when they go up?

A: You must close on a property before you can sell. If you cancel a reservation on a Lot and the rest of the property has experienced increases, the lot will revert to the Developer control and most likely be adjusted to reflect current market conditions.

Q: If I close on a lot, can I sell for a profit when prices go up?

A: Yes

Q: Are there restrictions on Resale?

A: Yes & No…During active sales, in other words before all the lots are closed, the Developer Reserves “First-Right-of-Refusal” to buy the lot back at your sales price (see addendum to sales contract for all details) and all sales must be advertised through the Developers Representative. This prevents anyone from diluting the value of everyone’s  property. After sell out these Developer Reservation Rights expire and it is an open market.

Q: Do I need a real estate agent to buy a new home?

A:  It isn't necessary to have an agent. Our sales professionals are extremely knowledgeable about our homes and communities, financing, and the entire home-buying process. However, we welcome real estate

professionals and are happy to work with them to find your lot for your dream home. If you are

currently working with an agent or choose to do so, he or she must accompany you on your first

visit to Eagle View Estates community, either in person or on line, in order to register your

agent/client relationship.

Q: Is there financing available?

A: First Metro Bank has approved the property for purchase and

Construction Loans.  Please contact them directly for individual applications, terms

and conditions.

Q: Should I "pre-qualify" before I begin visiting Eagle View Estates to look at lots or homes?

A: It's not required, but it's very helpful. Pre-qualifying is a great way to determine just how much home you can comfortably afford.

Q: Will you build a home on my lot, or can I just buy a set of your house plans?

A: Eagle View Estates takes great pride in our homes and community. We design our homes and follow construction best practices that result in great homes at a good value. Likewise, we chose this parcel very carefully to be able to provide conveniences and amenities that will enhance quality of life. With all this in mind, we protect the value and lifestyle of our homes by only building on our property and not releasing our home designs to others.

Q: How far along is the infrastructure?

A: Completed. Street lights are in, streets are paved and underground utilities are ready to connect.

Q: When can I start building?

A: As soon as you close on your lot and secure plan approval.

Q: When do I HAVE to start building?

A: In accordance with the Subdivision Covenants (CC&R’s), construction must commence within 12 months of the Architectural Committee approval of house plans.  Work must proceed diligently and be completed within 12 months of commencement unless the Committee approves, in writing, additional time.

Q: When does the construction need to be completed by?

A: Currently the CC&R’s dictate a one year building time.

Q: Can I “bundle” the lot, architect and construction financing together?

A: In most cases, Yes. In fact that is the easiest way to get . . . And keep . . . The ball rolling. Talk to your lender.

Q: What is the advantage of buying a new home? Aren't old homes built better?

A: New homes have distinct advantages over pre-owned homes. Because of today's advanced technology, building materials are frequently more durable and more effective in meeting special needs. For example, materials used to improve energy efficiency didn't even exist just 20-30 years ago. Plus, new homes offer more options for personalization, never-used mechanical systems such as your HVAC and appliances, and of course, that brand new look and feel. Pre-owned homes just don't compare.

Q: Is there a limit on home size?

A: In accordance with the CC&R’S, all dwellings on Waterfront lots must contain a minimum 2600 square feet of heated and cooled, enclosed livable floor space.  All off water lots must contain a minimum 2100 square feet of heated and cooled, enclosed livable floor space.

Q: How do I know someone won't build and block my view?

A: The CC&R’s outline the building envelope for each lot and have

been carefully engineered to assure maximum view of each lot.

Q: Will I always have river/lake access?

A: Yes, but only on the Waterfront lots number 1 though 6.  There are several public boat launch facilities close by as well as marinas and RV parks.

Q: Does this area ever flood?

A: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) controls the water level which does not vary more than three (3) feet annually.  The depth of the water is approximately thirty (30) feet at the water frontage of the site.

Q: Are there really eagles seen around the property?

A: Yes! This photos reminds me of the eagle I saw the very first time we saw the property. And we have spotted more on almost every visit. It’s a very special place for me.  I hope it will be for you too.

Seasoned Veteran or first time builder, there are always questions about Who, What, When, Where, Why & How.

We have tried to cover many of those here but please feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions